Software Solutions

Relucent Technologies provides Innovative IT solutions and services to help the customers in achieving their business goals with extensive cross domain knowledge of business processes

Relucent offers

1. Application Management

Application management is mission critical for any business that keeps its IT resources focused on its business goals. Collecting internal business management requirements is crucial task in application management. Selecting platform of the application is basic step that changes all aspects of any company's IT infrastructure. Very few companies decided to start application development in the initial stage of business, therefore solving system integration or migration from legacy application related issues is always tedious task.

Our Data warehousing Service offerings in many areas like

  • » Datastage In-house projects
  • » Date Warehouses, Data Marts
  • » Operational Data Stores
  • » Data Integration/Data Consolidation

Relucent provides ground breaking software application management resources solutions for IT business in all these three segments which provided businesses to effectively manage their IT infrastructure resources in ever changing market perspective.

2. Web Technology

3. Testing Services

Our comprehensive testing services provide our clients with wide range of testing solutions for low cost. We offer fast, simple, efficient yet flexible and robust solutions for testing. Our well defined testing solutions implement software testing industry standards, guidelines and processes through thorough quality process definition with internal audit groups and suggestions from software engineers. We have in depth understanding in the testing standards and quality management processes that minimizes risks and improves quality.

We provide high level map of the testing solutions with in detail testing methodology definition in client desired project plan formats. We evaluate each requirement of the project and provide accepted plan for testing needs and resources to implement to do extensive testing for both manual testing and automated testing tools.

4. Quality Consulting

5. Products